We believe in people. 

Work Wisdom weaves proven practices into your organization to produce sustainable high-performance.  We help your organization become the best possible version of itself.  Using  evidence-based tools, Work Wisdom enhances workplace mindsets, behaviors, habits, communication and culture. Our eclectic breadth of multi-sector experience, formal and informal education, authentic enthusiasm and, yes, wisdom, produces workplace well-being which enables you to be exceptional at whatever you do.

How we help.

1. Individual and Co-leaders Executive Coaching

2. Workshops and Retreats

3. Culture-shaping Engagements

4. Wise Strategy Engagements

5. Facilitation of meetings

6. Conflict prevention and management

7. Customized engagements designed to meet your unique organizational needs

8. Constructive Evaluations including 360s and Employee Engagement Evaluations

9. Authenticity Circles

Our areas of expertise. 

Executive Coaching for Leaders and Co-Leaders:  Using a variety of evidence-based methods and tools (including EQ and TKI), we develop leaders, business owners, co-owners and co-leaders through confidential coaching sessions tailored to help you achieve optimal performance.  We begin every engagement with clear agreement regarding the roles within the coaching relationship, assessment of the leader's current capacity and together we map a plan to close the gap between the current and aspired state.  Our methods rely on decades of experience and have positively transformed well-respected leaders, businesses and organizations.

Culture Shaping:  As Peter Drucker says, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast."  We work with your organization to discern your mission, vision, values, current climate and culture.  We use Appreciative Inquiry and your differentiators to determine where you want to go in light of your strengths and future business model needs.  We then work with you to  craft and prioritize those mindsets, behaviors, habits and environments which will create the aspired climates and cultures while also uncovering narratives and designing structures that foster healthy climates, cultures and high-engagement.  

Growth Mindsets, Mindful Work:  Work Wisdom builds growth-oriented and high-performance mindsets through increased self-awareness, reframing, workplace meditation, guided positive visualization and practices which weave work-life integration, compassion, clarity and focus into the workplace.  Work Wisdom transforms leaders and teams by sharing Growth Mindsets, teaching mindset reframing practices and embedding both formal and informal mindfulness into your workplace.  

Authentic Communication:  We use the best practices from the fields of positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, neuroleadership, communication, mindfulness and organizational behavior to build collaborative and productive organizations.  We help individuals and teams develop communication habits that build psychological safety and awareness, strengthen relationships, authenticity, congruence and improve motivation, accountability and employee engagement.  We build written, verbal, listening and non-verbal skills through communication coaching and development to achieve peak organizational performance.  Work Wisdom can also facilitate crucial conversations for your organization during those situations when a third-party neutral is beneficial.  Take Work Wisdom's online course in Authentic Communication from anywhere, whenever you want. Learn the 20 tools to build trusting, open and innovative teams that get real results.

Conflict and Collaboration:  Differences that are disruptive can cause organizational suffering, incivility and underperformance.  Conflict can actually be constructive when it is understood and managed.  Work Wisdom builds your organization's ability to convert conflict into opportunities for enhanced collaboration, innovation and strengthened relationships.  We translate practical wisdom gleaned from the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument, Organizational Justice, the tools of Alternative Dispute Resolution (e.g. facilitation, negotiation, mediation), Conflict Coaching, Radical CollaborationGetting to Yes and Crucial Confrontations to assist your organization in managing real time conflict while also creating new norms for transforming conflict into collaboration. 

Wise Strategy:  Work Wisdom believes in empowering organizations to think and act strategically.  Our approach to planning enables organizations to develop a high level three-year strategy that serves as a concrete map for discerning opportunities and decision-making in real-time.  As part of this process, we help organizations understand their competitive advantages, identify future trends, create a strategy screen (specific criteria for determining whether or not to pursue any given opportunity), uncover and prioritize the three-year focus areas and shape their culture.  This approach enables organizations to use mindful, focused strategy while also being agile, opportunistic and relevant given the ever-changing environment.  

High-Performance Teams Work Wisdom has developed a set of best practices around teamwork designed to ensure that teams reach their full potential.  Drawing on the most current research on effective team practices, Work Wisdom helps teams flourish.  Cross-functional or cross-departmental teams, in particular, often face unique challenges in integrating members with vastly different perspectives.  Our approach guides teams in implementing concrete practices that improve team psychological safety, dependability, structure and clarity, meaning, impact and both growth and service orientations.

Results-oriented, Meaningful Work: The natural boundaries of the past are gone.  Technology makes us all available 24/7.  With instant gratification and constant connectivity, the modern career requires a different framework.  Instead of pitting work against home life in a balancing act where neither side truly wins, individuals (and organizations) can flourish through clarity of purpose, self-awareness of strengths, focused strategy, growth mindset, optimized use of time, refueling practices, reliance on results that matter and skillful use of technology.  Meaningful Work builds engagement, performance and joy in the workplace.  Meaningful Work includes focus on mindsets, behaviors, communication and cultures associated with Compassion Fatigue and Burnout.