ONLINE COURSE: Authentic Communication

In this online course, Sarah and Kedren teach the usage of best practices from the fields of positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, neuroleadership, communication, mindfulness and organizational behavior to build collaborative and productive organizations.  Take Work Wisdom's online course in Authentic Communication from anywhere, whenever you want.  The course works well as either a team building activity (sort of like a book club at work) or as a way to grow on your own.  

Learn the 20 tools to build trusting, open and innovative teams that get real results while receiving a Certificate in Authentic Communication from Work Wisdom Academy.  We explain how to help individuals and teams develop communication habits that build psychological safety and awareness, strengthen relationships, authenticity, congruence and improve motivation, accountability and employee engagement.  We seek to improve your written, verbal, listening and non-verbal skills through increased self-awareness activities to achieve peak organizational performance. Our goal is to spread the gospel of Authentic Communication, so you'll find that the course is very affordable ($100), fun and helpful for both yourself and your team.