We believe in people.

Work Wisdom weaves proven practices into your organization to produce sustainable high-performance.  We help your organization become the best possible version of itself.  Using  evidence-based tools, Work Wisdom enhances workplace mindsets, behaviors, habits, communication and culture. Our eclectic breadth of multi-sector experience, formal and informal education, authentic enthusiasm and, yes, wisdom, produces workplace well-being which enables you to be exceptional at whatever you do.

Consulting Offerings


At Work Wisdom, we approach Culture-Shaping with customized methods based on your organization’s current and aspired state.  Our efforts include diagnosis and identification of the current and aspired culture as well as behavior mapping and transition management to shape the new culture.  We heavily rely on the Competing Values Framework and the Integrated Culture Frameworks for use in understanding how values and behavior creates high performance cultures.

Strategic Behavior

Strategy is about making choices. Explicit choices to do some things and not others, and building a business or organization around those choices. At Work Wisdom, we guide leaders and organizations through a defined process to create and sustain a competitive advantage by aligning discerned values, culture, identity, and behaviors to achieve their winning aspiration. Separately but sometimes related, Work Wisdom facilitates ‘Blameless Post-Mortems’ to help your team process how to consistently improve processes for enhanced long-term performance.

Equitable Workplaces

Work Wisdom approaches equity from a lens that focuses on building diverse, inclusive and equitable cultures and leaders.  Our methods are grounded in Positive Organizational Behavior and include elements like Equity Circles (based on Authenticity Circles), Equitable Workplace Culture Workshops, Ally Trainings, Inclusive Leadership Coaching, and Equity-Informed Mediation.  All of these elements together, along with qualitative and quantitative data collection, create the framework for a multi-year organizational Equity Strategy.

Executive Coaching

In our Executive Coaching Series, leaders meet with Work Wisdom coaches for ten sessions once or twice a month to grow in self-knowledge, self-awareness and enhanced leadership behavior.  Together with their coach, leaders create a custom learning curriculum in order to manifest the best version of themselves.  Each session includes both coaching and leadership development.  Our unique methods rely heavily on Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry and Intentional Change Theory.  Each leader receives a custom-made journal with prompts designed to help them grow in alignment with their aspirations.

Co-leadership Coaching

When two leaders are tasked with working together to accomplish a goal, certain opportunities and challenges arise.  Co-Leadership Coaching allows the two individuals to gain awareness of each other’s strengths and styles for managing differences and leading.  The coaches also examine their individual and shared work and create norms and processes for collaboration, feedback and building and repairing trust.


Work Wisdom conducts Team Coaching through the lifecycles of teams, transitions, conflict, collaboration, growth, failure, healing, grief, and other common occurrences with teams.  Team coaching can be a one time or recurrent event.  The goal is to identify the future state, backcast the learning curriculum to the future state, and develop the mindsets, behaviors, and habits to manifest the aspired state of the team.

Communication Coaching

Communication is a powerful tool for leaders and teams.  Communication Coaching builds skills by enhancing self-awareness, sharing evidence-based best practices, and embedding new habits.  During ten coaching sessions, the client develops skills in the specific methods of communication most relevant for the individual (i.e. interpersonal communication, influence, public speaking, team meetings, email correspondence, virtual communication, non-verbal communication…).  This coaching series includes a Communication 360 assessment in order to obtain input from the individuals colleagues regarding their growing edges regarding communication.

Well-Being Coaching

The purpose of Well-Being Coaching is to enhance purpose, joy, and meaning in the workplace through a strengths-based approach to flourishing and high performance.  Assessments, including the VIA, EQ, TKI, Learned Optimism Test, Maslach Burnout Inventory, are used to tailor the content of the coaching sessions.  During ten confidential coaching sessions, individuals learn how to sustainably weave well-being into their approach to work-life integration.

Sincerely, Work Wisdom

A Sincerely, Work Wisdom participant receives a stationery box with stationery, envelopes, stamps, a pen, and writing prompts. Ten letters are exchanged between the participant and the WW coach, and the final exchange will refine/reflect on what of the participant's work-life has been uncovered and created. The day or night nature of letter-writing allows ample and intentional time to process and think. At Work Wisdom, we love this practice's physical nature: the weight of the pen, the feel of the stationery, and the sealing of the envelope.

Authenticity Circles

These circles, also called Leadership Accelerators, are highly facilitated, year-long, confidential learning cohorts based on the model designed by Carter MacNamera.  Kedren has successfully facilitated these strategically crafted small groups of six to eight leaders per cohort for more than fifteen years.  Leaders with similar roles in different organizations come together for 2 hour sessions every month for peer development which is reinforced with didactic education and a Goals and Action Record at the end of each session.

Work Wisdom

Our methods require that individuals, leaders, and teams grow in self-knowledge that shifts into self-awareness in order to more effectively change behavior.  As a result, Work Wisdom has created our own Constructive 360 assessment to facilitate leadership awareness.  We have also designed our own metric for evaluating the levels of Psychological Safety within a team.  Work Wisdom also uses external assessment tools such as the Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Thomas-Kilmann Instrument, VIA, Influence Style Indicator, Maslach Burnout Inventory, Enneagram, and others.

Influence Coaching

Understanding the science and practices that foster influence is essential for leaders.  Work Wisdom’s Influence Coaching builds skills by enhancing self-awareness, mitigating blindspots, sharing best practices, and embedding new habits.  This series includes ten one hour coaching sessions and written recommendations for continued improvement.  Coaching occurs every other week over the course of five months and is tailored to the needs of the specific client.

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